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What is a Candy Bar?

Sweet tables or candy bars are always a great option for any celebration or communion.

Let´s start from the beginning, and, in order to do so we need to understand the subject we are dealing with. Generally speaking, people use the term Candy bar or Sweet table as if they were the same; however, they are not. The Sweet table definition is closer to the dessert buffet than the one of the Candy Bar.

A Candy bar is made only of candy, jelly beans, cupcakes, and chocolates. All these products are presented to meet the celebration´s theme. On the other hand, the Sweet table or buffet offers more elaborated desserts besides the candy.

With time this concept has become a trend, an authentic work of art, and the centre of attention in any event.

Its great success lies on its visual beauty and elegance. They are characterized by the use of beautiful tablecloths, flowers, and a fantastic selection of candies.

These are their 3 basic principles:
· Having really clear the celebration´s theme. Weddings and communions are not the same.

· Candy bars have to call everyone´s attention by means of the use of: fountains and pedestals. The decoration must never be monotonous.

· Candies should be small, varied, and, above all, delicious. This way all guests will be surprised.

In the specific case of communions, the best idea is to choose a theme our kids love or we may ask him/her to choose it. By doing this, we can decorate the house with the appropriate colours for communions: soft and even golden and silver colours. We can also go for nice textures and household, flowers, backgrounds, tables, cars….

The best proposals are marked by the use of well-chosen colours and contrasts, geometric figures, and, above all, originality. All these details are important but there are even more important details like giving a special attention to creating a successful celebration´s atmosphere.

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