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Vegan lifestyle

We speak to Gunilla Noren a vegan who enjoys cooking and creating dishes.
Gunilla, what is Veganism for you? Veganism is for me a matter of ethics, love and respect for living things. We are all inhabitants of this planet and deserve the same respect. What you don´t want for you, do not wish it for anyone, human or nonhuman.
Since when are you vegan? I have been animaly all my life. I first went vegetarian a few years and I’m vegan a year ago.
So before you were omnivorous, how did you live the process of becoming a vegan? The process of moving both omnivore to vegetarian as vegetarian to vegan was easy because my conviction of love and respect for animals is total. And as a curiosity I can say that I was also very easy to let one of my greatest culinary “vices”, cheese, because I found a vegan cheese made from coconut oil, which is delicious.
What I have to say is now my veganism I apply strictly to food, but still not entirely within cleaning products and personal hygiene. But I’ll get to it, it’s just a matter of economics, since these products are so expensive and for a single mother is hard to cover this expenses.
How to convince your friends to vegans? With all my respect and love. I will not call “murderers” to any omnivore like other vegans, I was a killer too one day and is a ridiculous approach. I think the important thing is to report from an objective and from calm. Teaching videos clearly showing the horror this animals live on farms and in slaughterhouses and try with heart in hand, that people understand that it is not necessary to kill and eat animals that overfeeding of today’s society and 1st world is a mistake that affects us all and all at both health and moral and / or ethical.
The human is not superior to anything or anyone on this planet. We are only one element and it is time to become a beneficial element and stop being the most harmful for everyone.

In the jungle, animals feed themselfes hunting other animals because they have no other choice.
What the human species? Do we have more choices?
According Veganism yes. Humans can feed on nuts, fruits, grains and vegetables and from ethical issue theres is no need to consume anything that comes from the animal world.


vegano1 11846509_447436535439282_2304472134212138609_nShow us a vegan dish created by you?
Well, based on the Mediterranean diet, I will prepare a lentil salad. It may well be tempered now in winter or cool in summer
Lentils, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and yellow, oil, onion, mushrooms thinly rolled and sesame. Prepare a mild vinaigrette with olive oil, a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, oregano or any spice prepared for salad.
lentils are cooked and cooled or you let them cool slightly if you want them tempered.
vegetables are cut and everything is mixed together with the vinaigrette. And ready! Protein, vitamins, minerals … As I say, a plate, healthy, ethical and aesthetic

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