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Tips to stay well hydrated

• Make water your favorite beverage.

• Add some flavour to the water by adding some fresh fruit to it. Then, let it rest for, at least,30 minutes.

• Drink one glass of water after you wake up, with each meal, and when you have some rest during the day.

• Drink room temperature water so your body does not have to waste energy to adapt it to the body temperature.

• Caffeine drinks should be avoided. Try herbal teas instead.

• Avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners: sports beverages, soft drinks, energetic drinks, frappés, mokas, etc. Artifial sweeteners have been related to some variety of secundary neurological effects and overweight.

Obviously, water is the best option to stay hydrated. However, there is some food you can eat to stay hydrated. For instance, cucumber is basically made of water and of some other nutrients like potassium. Eat some snacks with water as their main component: watermelon, pineapple, berries, and green salads. They all keep us hydrated and provide us with some additional nutrients.

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