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Tips for organizing First Communion

The first communion is something very special for every child, so that its celebration must be up to the circumstances. To help you organize the first communion of your child, we will give you some small tips that you should not forget to organize.

Guest list: The guests are the first step to organize the first communion. In general, family and friends of the honored one are invited.

Invitations: The tone of the invitation must be personal: it is the communicator who invites his family and friends to share this moment with him or her. It must contain: date, time and place of the mass, and the same information, but of the place of celebration.

Dress and accessories of the protagonist: It is very important to take care of all the details in the dress or the suit and the complements, from the shoes, the collected or the tie, to the cross. Everything to the pleasure of the communicant but under the supervision and advice of his parents.

Place for the celebration: Our advice is that you only know the date, reserve the space. If you are clear about the space where you will celebrate communion, hiring a catering service is a safe bet, provided that we have enough space. The choice should be based on the number of guests, the type of menu, whether it has outdoor spaces or not.

Photography: A professional photographer is essential to have the best photos in the form of a souvenir. It is also very nice to keep a video of such a special day.

Animation: Animation is paramount, if you do not want all the boys and girls at the party to get bored after eating. Clowns, magicians or face painting are some of the many services that animation companies offer today.

Memories for the guests: Here there are no big complications, since there are memories of all kinds. From the classic engraved medals or rosaries to more modern ones like little boats with chuche. The possibilities are many and there are to choose from.

And of course … let’s not forget the cake.

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