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It runs without limits
The long collaboration between two of the most avant-garde brands in the world goes now even further. The Apple Watch Nike + comes with an integrated altimeter that records the unevenness of your routes. Your playlists are automatically synced. And you even have races with an audio guide so that you never lack motivation. Your ideal running mate improves by seconds.

Say goodbye to the phone
Leave the phone at home. Gear IconX headphones function as a standalone media player if you upload music from your phone. And if you have your smartphone nearby, you can always connect your Gear IconX through the bluetooth connection.
Bluetooth, Pedometer, USB 2.0, Android 4.4 +

Wallet with external charger for spartphone
One less worry! With the elegant wallet with external charger included, anyone with a smartphone can leave the house much more relaxed: finally can charge the mobile phone thanks to the integrated external charger.

Breathalyzer Keychain
Two glasses of wine, a beer, a shot, one is never sure what the limit is that the fun ends. Get out of doubt with this Breathalyzer keychain. The perfect complement to end with good foot all the holidays.

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