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Carpets and curtains, the size does matters

When choosing the right carpets and curtains the size is the most important aspect. According to some decorators, choosing the wrong length and width is one of the most common errors. In the case of large or panoramic windows, the curtains must reach the floor. In case you buy it, ...

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Christmas crafts

Mustaches pine For all those who love modern and original modern decorations we propose to create this Christmas pine with mustaches. Mustaches or mustaches are a figure that is fashionable this season, for this reason we have chosen to create a Christmas pine wall. You can create it if in ...

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Edible flowers

These flowers not only serve to decorate the dish, they are also eatable and are appreciated by many chefs. This happens because of their possible combinations with different food, thanks to their scents and flavors. It is not usual to buy edible flowers at the market, so what we truly ...

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The image of your business

The first thing we find in a shop is the facade and if this does not tell you what`s inside, we start very badly. With the facade we communicate with our customers and it also has to be well attractive to bring public attention. The image of the show-window is ...

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