It is truism that Street food, served in what we all know as food trucks, is really common everywhere nowadays. However, this was already common in the 1950s an d in the 1970s with ice cream and hot dogs trucks. Nowadays, chefs are taking advantage of this trend to take their most sophisticated creations in this wheeled restaurants. The range of offers is so wide that is almost impossible for someone to taste all of them in a single event. That is why chefs make so hard efforts to guarantee variety and quality at the same time.
To food truckers and the owners of the business, it is not as easy as it seems like. As any other enterprise that deals with foodstuff, they must follow all the established sanitary, transport and tax regulations. In addition they need to be really organized in order to be able to prepare their food in the exact moment the client asks for it being in really small places. Pre-elaborating the products is essential, that is why the products are passed through a process of vacuum package. They are also frozen, and the sauces are pasteurized.
All street food fans follow in the social networks these festivals that usually take place during the weekends, and that are also accompanied by musical and entertainment programs.

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