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Brine and vinegar mushrooms

The mushrooms season is around the corner. This year, we expect a really nice season due to the summer storms. Prepare in preserve and enjoy them all the rest of the year is very easy.

We can preserve almost all the wild mushrooms there are: milk caps (níscalos), oyster mushrooms, boletus, etc. However, if you cannot go and collect them, try planting your own mushrooms and oyster mushrooms at home. You can buy them in the supermarket.

First, wash the mushrooms. Use a moist cloth and a brush to remove all the dirt (leaves and earth remains). It is important to cut the bad area.

Dry the mushrooms with the cloth. The vessels must be boiled during 20 minutes. Once you take them away from the heat do not manipulate them too much so you do not contaminate them again.

Boil some water and add salt. Blanch the mushrooms. Let them cool and preserve.

To fill the vessels follow this:
Salt and half of the water (previously boiled) + half of the vinegar.

1 or 2 garlic cloves, 1 or 2 bay leaves. Rosemary, at will (be original and dare to obtain new flavours).

Fill the vessels with the mushrooms and add a dash of oil. Close the vessels and storage them away from the sunlight.

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