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The countryside is in- escape from the city

Noise and CO2 pollution, traffic everywhere. Everyday the same “I’m late”, “I’m in a hurry”, “sorry, I’ve got another call on the line”.
It’s all just a big rush every day, work, kids, school, phone, food….
It’s normal for the countryside to be popular.
It’s lucky that there are still so many rural locations where you can take a weekend break without having to spend lots of money or drive too far. Just getting out of the city and being away from it is relaxing. Waking up to birdsong, walking in the mountains and breathing pure air is sensational. Eating up there is also a treat. You can either take your favourite food with you or enjoy the local gastronomy.
There isn’t normally good reception on the mobile phone, but how peaceful that can be. These can be the moments to relax and repair the spirit.

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