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Sandos Mónaco improves its category to superior 4 star hotel


This Spanish chain of hotels works to improve their facilities, and now bets for new themes, and concepts like hotels for adults.

Sandos Mónaco Beach Hotel & Spa from Benidorm has recently improved its category to a superior 4 stars hotel. This recognizes the excellent work done by the hotel serving its clients, and the achievement of the high standard conditions demanded by the tourism authorities.

Francesc Gualdo is the director of this hotel and this chain´s General Director in the Benidorm area since 6 years ago. It is worth to point out that Sandos Hotels & Resorts is a young enterprise that looks to provide its clients with memorable experiences. Nowadays, it has 7 All-included resorts within Spain and Mexico. Each of them responds to each of the possible experiences Sandos offers to the clients: Eco Experience, Beach experience, or Life style experience. All looking to satisfy the tourist.

Francesc, today we are going to center our conversation on the Sandos Mónaco Beach Hotel & Spa from Benidorm. Indeed, congratulations for the good news. Now, what changes have you implemented to receive this new category?

In 2015, a new decree was approved to be added to the classification standards for the accommodation facilities. In order to achieve a superior 4 stars standard, you must obtain a certain evaluation. A self-evaluation form is the one in charge of this action. This classification has to do with the conditions of the facilities and the services we offer. Factors such as the size of the rooms, having a spa, or a well implemented environmental system.  Besides, we have improved the quality of the furniture, and the aesthetics of the Fontvielle restaurant.

What services of the hotel would you highlight?

The clients ‘attention is a really important thing for us. Our reputation in the social networks endorses us. We are always in constant improvement. That is why it is fundamental to have feedback from the clients.

Are your clients always foreigners?

It depends on the season. In winter, generally, we receive British, Belgians, and people from the North. During summer, we receive a lot of national tourists. We are really lucky to have loyal clients. This is why we have a loyalty program called Sandos4u that offers several advantages to our clients.

What age is needed to be considered in terms of this new hotel for adult’s denomination? What are its characteristics?

Sandos Mónaco is a hotel for adults since 2011. The age: 16 years old. The really quiet areas, the entertainment and sports activities, and the night ones are some of the elements that characterize our hotel for adults.

In terms of the spa, how would you define your facilities?

The 450m2 area is a modern and innovative one with 8 treatments cabins. A space for relaxation, health, and aesthetics. Our objective is to make our clients live a beautiful and memorable experience. It is important to pin point the Turkish bath, the massage cabins, the thermal circuit, the ice fountain, the jacuzzi, the sauna, the relaxation area, and the cold waters area.  At the end of the spa experience, the clients are given a cup of tea at the relaxation area.

We also have a gym with Technogym machines.

Besides being a really couching space, you have a really professional stuff that is in charge of taking care of the clients. How are the treatments they carry out?

Mentioning all of them will take a lot of time. It is better to check them on the web. However I will let you know what services our clients thank: the relaxing massages with bamboo canes, the arome therapy, the algae coverage, the aesthetic treatments, the anti-stress programs or the detox ones.

Are these facilities only opened to the hotel clients, or can anyone else enjoy them?

We are opened for everyone willing to enjoy this experience, even if they are not clients. We recommend everyone to come.

Everyone is talking about something in the media. Does the weather change affect you?

Do not forget that tourists come to Benidorm looking for sun and outdoor activities. The more the sun is out, the higher our benefits. The weather changes make us create strategies to adapt and modify our schedules.

Finally, Francesc, what does working for this enterprise mean to you?

It is really gratifying because it is a place that constantly searches for innovation, the new technologies, and taking care of the environment. What is more, they are always looking for the clients ‘satisfaction and always getting adapted to their needs. They keep updating and renewing their facilities to maintain the theme line of hotels like this one.

In Benidorm, we have 3 big hotels. Besides this one, there are the Marconfort Essence, with a chill out theme, and the Marconfort Benidorm Suites that is inspired in the music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s of the past century.


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