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ROBERTO CARBALLO more than a music school

Roberto Carballo was born in Cuba. He is graduated in Musical Education from the Universities: Félix Varela and Enrique José Varona. Just after some courses in harmony and composition, he created and became the musical director of Vocal Tempo. With this group he has made some tours in different countries.

Vocal Tempo has recorded 3 albums, the recent one with Sony Music after winning the Second Edition of X Factor. This year, they celebrate their 20th anniversary and will record their fourth album.

Nowadays, Roberto is devoting his time to teaching and making concerts. Its school teaching method is based on what the students want to learn and on a personalized treatment.

If you want to study in his school, you must pass through a test to determine your knowledge as well as your likes and musical skills. This way, you will start learning from the simplest musical samples to the most difficult ones. The ultimate goal is to have you perfectly playing music.

Roberto, is your school directed to a specific kind of student?
No, anyone willing to learn is welcome here. All those willing to learn and play music, children, young and old people, have the doors opened.

What musical instruments do you teach?
Electric, Spanish and acoustic guitar; piano, bass, accordion, lute, bandurria, and ukulele.

What else can your students learn in your school?
We also teach singing, computer music technology, and solfege.

You are a musician, a director, a songwriter, and a professor who have been part of many concerts worldwide. You know the stages and how much fear someone can feel there. How do you help your students to overcome the stage freight?
Hearing the audience applaud is one of the greatest things there are. Besides, we teach our students in the class but they also play and perform in a stage. They need to feel and convey what they feel. That is why those who want to play in festivals and the different events there are during their learning period can do so.

We have heard that you like to be part of social projects, tell us about this.
I believe that music can help people suffering Alzheimer and some other affection. That is why I am part of music therapy project.

Can you tell us about your current music endeavours?
Of course. I am always busy because of the school, the group, and the performances in the associations. However, there is the Cantat Contest.

Could you tell us about this contest?
I was asked to direct this musical contest that will take place in Albir during Easter and I accepted the challenge. So far, I have never done something like this before but I feel this is going to be a truly rewarding experience.

This is the contest for anyone who sings, dances, plays an instrument, and feels enthusiastic about the world of music. The call will be launched and those willing to participate will have to send a demo through the email.

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