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The Mesón Racó de Toni wone the 1st Prize as the most valued menu of the recent gastronomic journey that took place in Altea: “La Cuina de les Barques”. This event was organized by the municipal council of Altea.

The Sánchez family, for 30 years, has been organising their own gastronomic events and participating in most of the events organized in Altea. Their great experience has contributed to increasing their number of awards and certificates.

In this 2nd edition of “La Cuina de les Barques” they presented a truly ellaborated, ballanced and original menu whose main dish was a fusion of the sea and the earth: Puchero de Pulpo (Octopus stew).

Really soon, this october 25th to 28th they will be cellebrating their gastronomic festival: Los arroces de Toni (Toni´s Rice Festival). This is a 4-day-festival with a diferent rice menu each day.

Dirección: Calle La Mar 127, Bajo Altea.

Tel: 96 584 17 63

+ Info website www.restauranteracodetoni.com


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