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¿Quién es Victoria Secret? ¿Cuál es su secreto?

Who is Victoria Secret? What is her secret?

Nowadays, Victoria´s Secret is one of the most recognized and famous fashion brands. Its great virtuosity and sensuality are its most valuable attributes.

Victoria´s Secret was created in San Francisco in 1977 thanks to the shyness of a man, Roy Ramond, who wanted to buy lingerie for his wife. He was ashamed to do so in the former stores devoted to this action. Some years later, that same shyness led him not to trust his own project and sell it to a company that made the brand what it is these days.

The Limited was that lucky enterprise. In just a few years, it made Victoria´s Secret worldwide know and famous. In order to achieve this, they hired the most beautiful models, and made the fashion shows a unique and memorable experience.

These days, the brand has millions of followers and clients. Victoria´s Angels, image and elite group of models of the company, are the most famous and talented models. What is really curious is that these Angels are chosen taking into consideration the opinion of women.

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