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What is webinar?

Have you ever felt that technology progresses so fast that many of the words your children use they sound like Chinese to you?
Today you will discover the concept that mostly will help you in this digital age:
The word webinar comes from “web” and “seminar” and is a presentation or conference of a user display or via the internet which you can comfortably see and listen to from your house, because all you need is a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc .. and a connection to Internet.
These events are becoming increasingly widespread as they provide high-value content, free or paid, and allow millions of people to see and hear at the same time regardless of where in the world they are. They can even interact by sending your questions or comments for a chat and receive real-time response.
Access can be free or by subscription, leaving the email where you want to receive the information for the access to the room and recording.
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