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What is the BODY PUMP?

It is a sport that combines aerobic with muscle work through weight lifting.
Often group classes with a monitor lasting one hour, accompanied by a dynamic and great rhythm music.
What do we obtain with body Pump?

Increase muscle mass and burn calories and turn this to body fat volume. Tone and define muscles through exercises like squats or push-ups with weights.
Weights and disks used in classes include a pole and aerobic bank. The rising weight varies depending on the capacity of the person, the particular exercise is to be performed, the intensity with which you want to work and the objectives to be attained with classes.
This is a fairly comprehensive training, since the intensity is high and the rest between the different exercises performed in a class is very short. It requires a lot of effort but the reward comes quickly and you can see the results very soon.
Easier than other disciplines that have to be coordinated more dance moves in the body pump movements are simpler and makes it a suitable training for all people.

Mª José Tent

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