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Propuestas Primavera-Verano 2018 por Lluna Boutique en Altea

Dresses with flower designs
This type of dress is a synonym of freedom and femininity. This dress with flowers is the ideal design for day light events or the long lasting summer nights. They are made of soft and light fabrics. What is more, it definitely highlights your figure. As a result, it is really desired by women during this time of the year.

Dots flounce dress
It is so easy to surrender in front of this type of dress. It re-creates an elegant dots and bubbles explosion. The mix between the dots and the flounces make this dress a really useful option for any occasion.

Pink flounce dress
This is a trendy outfit during spring and summer time. The flounces and the pie-like colours are perfect to be the centre of attention. This is a light- long sleeves-feminine dress perfect for any woman.

Satin ballerina shoes
The classical baillerina shoe now re-invents itself and presents its triangle-like version. This is one of the most wanted shoes. It can perfectly match with formal and casual outfits. This is the best option to be comfortable and elegant in any event.

High heel sandals with metal decorations
This type of shoes may become a key element in your outfits. They are the perfect complement for single-colour outfits.

High heel tied sandals
With regards to summer time, we definitely speak about sandals. If you want to look outstanding, this type of shoes will perfectly match your ankles.

Calle Convento, Nº5. Altea
Tel: 965 84 24 08

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