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Gastronomy GT Awards

For restaurants, success is deeply related to a correct marketing and communication strategy, to an excellent customer service, and to a unique gastronomic offer. Besides, the whole customer’s experience depends on the relation between the quality of the service and the correct and adequate prices.

GuiaT-Magazine events department led by our Gastroguiat mark has designed the yearly and local gastronomic event: GT Awards. These awards are going to be given to those restaurants of the Marina Baixa willing to participate in its contest.

This contest will evaluate the food, the pairings, the plate presentation, the facilities, and the customers’ attention. The main characteristic of this contest is its pairing and 6-course-tasting menu for a price between 30 and 70 euros.

Another characteristic is that each restaurant can change its menu up to 4 times a year or one time each season in order to use the season products.

This is an ambitious project that will motivate chefs and restaurants to compete and receive the 3 awards there are: Golden GT, Silver GT, and Bronze GT.

Costumers are the ones in charge of evaluating each restaurant by means of a signed formed accompanied by their restaurant bills.

By the end of this year, specifically on November 26th, 2018, the first GT Awards Ceremony will take place.

What are the benefits of participating in this contest?
· Increasing sales by means of a well studied marketing and communication strategy.

· Gaining the loyalty of costumers and increasing popularity .

· Being encouraged to improve in all the evaluated aspects.

What are the benefits for the municipality?
· Accomplishing the objective of supporting actions and activities that benefit all the enterprises.

· Increasing the number of visitors and the demand in all the business of the area.

· Increasing the popularity of the municipality and cooperating to develop new tourism strategies.

What are the benefits for the consumers?
· Enjoying a unique and different gastronomic experience in which they can also receive prizes.

· Being part of constructive criticism to help improve the hospitality industry.

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