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This is one of the so called ancient grains. Even though the tradition of eating it was almost forgotten, nowadays, it has become really popular. This is thanks to its many benefitial properties for our health. These days, the world of pastry has surrendered to its magical properties. Though spelt ...

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The Spirulina

Spirulina is a green-blue like microscopy cyanobacteria that grows in warm and alkaline waters. It has a spiral and helix form. It is considered as: the food of the future. This is thanks to its great amount of nutrients and essential amino acids. Also, it is one of the rare ...

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MUSTARD, the great lady for dressings

The seeds of the white mustard are the people´s favourite ones. They are used in marinated and combined preparations. In general, it is mixed with bay leaves and sweet pepper grains. The brown and black seeds are very popular in the Indian cuisine. Indian people sauté it in order to ...

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