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Edible flowers

These flowers not only serve to decorate the dish, they are also eatable and are appreciated by many chefs. This happens because of their possible combinations with different food, thanks to their scents and flavors. It is not usual to buy edible flowers at the market, so what we truly ...

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Si te apasiona cantar… Si quieres disfrutar… Apúntate al concurso de canto del evento Gastroguia-T!   1) Reglas generales: 1.1 La inscripción para el Concurso de canto es gratuita. 1.2 El Concurso decanto tendrá una Categoría, en la que se podrá participar de forma individual, la cual se desarrollará el ...

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Crypto locker

Ask anyone what they think about the Trojan Horse in ancient Greece and many will say that it was witty. To invade the fortifed city of Troy, the Greeks brought an enormous wooden horse that was received by the Trojans as a symbol of their victory in this war. What ...

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Fidewa 2016

A festival of Webseries held in L’Alfas del Pi from 11 to 15 May 2016 We were with the director of this festival Jose Madrid, and he told us for what and for who this contest is. What is FIDEWÁ and what are its objectives?. It is an event bound ...

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“A message to space”

The Hyundai campaign “A Message to Space” has been crowned with the One Show Award automotive advertising 2016. In it, several cars of the Korean company paint a message in the desert were a girl wants to send her astronaut father .. . the announcement is so interesting that is ...

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dental implants

What are dental implants? They are attachments, such as artificial roots, created to replace missing teeth or lost for any reason, able to integrate so much to live healthily and completely natural with the rest of the tissues of the mouth. They are currently manufactured preferably chemically pure titanium and ...

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