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Christmas crafts

Mustaches pine For all those who love modern and original modern decorations we propose to create this Christmas pine with mustaches. Mustaches or mustaches are a figure that is fashionable this season, for this reason we have chosen to create a Christmas pine wall. You can create it if in ...

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Among the multiple benefits of turmeric, we find that its components can help prevent heart disease, since it reduces cholesterol, to depressive disorders, to improve mood and is anti carcinogenic. Used in gastronomy for thousands of years, it comes from the southwest of India. Turmeric is one of the ingredients ...

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The paprika is a spicy red powder with a characteristic flavor obtained from the drying and grinding of some varieties of red peppers. It is the main ingredient of some typical Spanish dishes. Other cuisines like the Hungarian one use it. Nowadays, India and China are this product´s first exporters. ...

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This is a typical slight lunch from the Bristish India. It is called like this because of the English term: tiffing, which means little beverage. In the South of India and Nepal, this term is used to refer to a meal similar to a snack like the Indian dosas or ...

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Low temperature cuisine

  The concept of low temperature cuisine is derived from several scientific researchs and their application in the cuisine world. Thanks to these researchs it has been proven that some food cooked at a determined temperature for a certain period of time experience a transformation process that results in the ...

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Acorn-fed cured Iberian Ham

Ham must be served at room temperature, around 21º C. This temperature is ideal to observe the shine of the natural fat; if it is served cold the look would be an obscure one. We must make sure we serve thin-medium-size slices with a little fat on them to guarantee ...

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