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Women of today

Millions of women develop their professional careers and make their contribution to the evolution. Many of them still suffer the consequences of a chauvinistic society that prevents or slows down this evolution process. The wage gap is still a huge problem as well as that of the continuous harassment and psychological mistreatments they experience at work. Even more worrisome is the physical abuse some of them experience and have to deal with.

Sharon Nilsson is among these women. This last December, her enterprise was awarded as the best for her results at the MEMBA Awards.

She received this prize with great satisfaction and took it as recognition of her hard work. Her daily effort was rewarded with a public award like this one. For her, the most important thing of her career is being able to help people to find their balance, as well as to help them when preventing problems and finding solutions to their health problems.

Congratulations Sharon!!!

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