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Menopause is a fundamental stage in the life of all women. Knowing about it is the best way to face, naturally, all the changes it implies. Its diagnosis takes place 12 months without experiencing the menstrual period. Generally, menopause appears between the 40s and the 50s.

This is a completely natural biological process. However, physical symptoms like hot flashes and the emotional changes may affect the quality of sleep, diminish the
streght, or affect the emotional health. There are some effective treatments available. For instance: adjusting the life style or hormone treatments.

Within the months or years previous menopause (perimenopause), women may experience the following symptoms: irregular menstruations, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, chills, night sweating, sleeping problems, mood changes, weight gaining, slow metabolism, dry skin, and loss of breasts volume.

These sympotoms, like the menstrual period ones, are different on each woman. Women may experience some irregularities before the menstrual period ends. Getting pregnant is still possible even though the irregular periods. If a woman never experienced a menstrual period, and is not sure about the start of the menopause, she should go to the doctor for a pregnacy test.

Menopause is not only a result of age. It is also a result of: natural deterioration of the reproductive hormones, histerectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy or premature ovarian insufficiency.

The hormonal changes experienced in this stage result in different symptoms which may vary according each woman.

With regards to the medical or physical signs of menopause, we have to highlight the disorders related to the endocrine gland, the sleep disorders, depression, urogenital atrophy, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders, dry skin and mucosa, vasomotor disorders, and sexual problems. Regarding the psychological aspects, it is a crisis that needs to be properly treated and analized.

Women may have better chances to better live this stage of their lives by just doing some things like: following a healthy diet, exercising to prevent obesity and heart problems, quitting smoking, ingesting more calcium (this prevents osteoporosis), etc. Finally, it is necessary to go to a doctor and not take menopause as if it were a disease. It is just one more experience in women´s lives.

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