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Marianne Martinsen, Marianne Tours Manager

Marianne was born in Norway and since she was a little girl she used to spend the summer on the Levantine coast with her family. When he turned 12 he moved to Spain, specifically to Alfas del Pi, and since then he still lives here.

At the age of 18, he had his first job offer in a travel agency, where he spent 8 years and then set up his agency “Marianne Tours” dedicating himself in depth to the tourism sector.

Marianne is an enterprising woman and businesswoman in a very men’s sector (the bus war) but she has managed with her experience and perseverance to create a business that thrives every day.

What are your services?
We are a travel agency and as such we sell all kinds of trips, made to measure, cruises, circuits, leisure packages such as excursions, gastronomic programs …

Around these products other needs are met that the clientele requests such as insurance, car rental, travel to airports or ports with our own fleet of buses.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
For being a family business, we give a very personalized treatment. Our strong point is the buses adapted for wheelchairs and with special child restraint Isofix©.

You used to tell me about new projects, what are they?
I have lived very closely the problem of being in a wheelchair for many years. Having to deal with architectural barriers has led me to work searching for solutions. That is why we are developing a very ambitious and current project, aimed at inclusive tourism and leisure. Caring for accessibility, sustainability and respect so that everyone can enjoy a fun vacation.

Marianne Tours

C/ El-Albir nº 15, 03581. L’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante
(+34) 965 88 74 62 – mail@mariannetours.com

Facebook: MarianneTours


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