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Children ‘becoming hunchbacks’ due to addiction to smart phones

Children ‘becoming hunchbacks’ due to addiction to smart phones.
Chiropractor claims that young people who spend hours hunched over electronic devices are seriously damaging their necks and spines, as witnessed by the rise in cases of ‘text neck’.

According to an article published in The Telegraph, Children as young as seven are developing hunchbacks and curved spines because of the hours spent bending over smart phones and tablets, a chiropractor has claimed.

Chiropractor Dr. James Carter warned that he had seen an “alarming increase” in the condition, which he called “text neck”.

Dr James Carter said patients often came in complaining of a headache but that a simple heel-to-toe test revealed that they had developed a backwards curve in the neck having spent hours hunched over electronic devices.
“I have started seeing lots of cases over the past two years, especially in young schoolchildren and teenagers,” Dr Carter told Daily Mail Australia.
“The condition is called ‘text neck’ because it is often caused when people sit with their heads dropped forward looking at their devices for several hours at a time.
“Instead of a normal forward curve, patients can be seen to have a backwards curve. It can be degenerative, often causing head, neck, shoulder and back pain.
“Many patients come in complaining they have a headache, but we actually find text neck is the cause of it. They often fail a simple heel-to-toe test and tend to fall over.”
Dr Carter, from New South Wales, warned that the condition could lead to anxiety and depression as well as spinal damage.
And he said 50 per cent of the patients he diagnosed were school-aged children and teenagers.

Fuente/source: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news

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