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Playing golf is really benefitial for our health and wellbeing. It may look as if you do not move when playing it, or that you are completely relaxed; however, it is truly benefitial for our mind and body health.

Due to it is practiced in open fields, your blood oxygenates and produces more vitamin D. You also improve your muscles, flexibility, blood circulation, and streghthen your bones.

As we mentioned before, this sports does not have a negative impact on your articulations. As a matter of fact, it prevents their physical wear.

With regards to your cognitive level, you develop your concentration capacity mainly because it is a sport in which presicion is key. This is the reason why you completely focus on your movements.

While you practice, you walk from one place to another. By doing this, sometimes you walk even 7 to 10km. This way your blood circulation improves and the cholesterol level decreases.

Most importantly, one of the greatest thinghs about this sport is how relaxing and de-stressing it can be.

We truly hope that we have encouraged you to practice this sport. We recommend you to try it.


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