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The magic at christmas

My mom is a magician, she can wipe my tears away with only a kiss.
You could say that moms and dads practice magic very often, getting the children in to admiration.
Magic is the art of doing extraordinary things while the audience is amazed with what they are seeing, without explanation of how the magician has managed to do the trick. The magic has to excite, entice, seduce, enthuse, and are children are those who most enjoy this art.
Among the best illusionists and magicians of history, we highlight Harry Houdini, famous for his tricks of escapism, Howard Thurston became the greatest illusionist of his time, transformed a statue of a woman, the cards flew over it until his hands, rotating water as a source of everything he touched a woman disappeared or levitating above the orchestra, made disappear a piano or a car and David Copperfield, known for his famous illusions as to wipe the Statue of Liberty, levitating over the Grand Canyon and through the Great Wall of China. Lance Burton, Dynamo and Criss Angel’s are others who have come so far in this world of fantasy.
Christmas is magical for children and the magic can´t be missed.

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