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The image of your business

The first thing we find in a shop is the facade and if this does not tell you what`s inside, we start very badly. With the facade we communicate with our customers and it also has to be well attractive to bring public attention.
The image of the show-window is essential, because it is the first impression a potential customer has before entering into a establishment. A facade that distinguishes us from other businesses could mean having an unusual design.

How to decorate a facade?
Your business will have a corporate image and as from this we will configure it from the front with the following elements:
Corporate label, can be bright or relief lettering, it has to be clear and easy to read, choosing the most appropriate printing.
Bright banderol, installed in a way it leaves the farcade, it is more interesting when is bright, and even nicer when it goes off with a timer to optimize consumption, this makes it easier for pedestrians to be in front of your sight when they walk down the sidewalk.
Vinyls cutting in combination with other elements, useful crystals to reflect timetables and slogans.
The atrezzos on the sidewalk can help you to decorate the outside giving a different image. If you have for example a catering establishment, it would be good to put a character or according item with the interior.
The show – window must always draw attention to the passer, with funny and engaging elements. Often with little investment and imagination you can set up a single window and go changing it every season and dates. You can ask the banks of images that gives you the network and feeds your creativity, I suggest pinterest.

Mª José Tent

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