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Tamara Lloret Nutritionist CV00732

In the nutrition world, granting superpowers or undermining the values of certain food is really common. This is done, sometimes, just following trends, famous people diets, false miths, etc. Fruits are one of the most affected food.

Everything has been said about fruits. Some say that we should not eat them after 6pm. Others talk about their healing properties, that thay make us gain weight or make us suffer diabetes. To these people I have to say: Those negative believes are FALSE.

To support my affirmation let´s see the following:
· No food changes the number of calories based on the time of the day This is like saying that a 5 euros bill will become a 10 euros one after a certain time in the evening. Fuit calories are the same at any moment.

· Weight gain is not related to eating a certain food but to the amount of calories eaten every day. In other words, if we eat more that what our body needs we will start gaining weight. That is why eating fruit after any meal does not make you gain weight.

· Fuits are made of water (most of it is water), fructose (healthy sugar), vitamins, and minerals. Just be careful with them if you are diabetic but if you are not, do not worry, you will not suffer it because you eat fruit

Always take into account that our nutrition changes according each of us. Each of us responds differently to the food we eat. In case you have doubts or do not feel well after you eat fruit, ask for a professional´s advise. You should go to a nutritionist.

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