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Photography, the art of image


Audrey Lohkamp was born in Germany in 1991. Since she was 10 years old, she has been passionate about photography. Her beginnings in this world were really peculiar. Her father gave her a camera for her 10th birthday. She did not show any interest for this matter before, buy this gift divided her life into the time before and after it. She took photos of everything from that time on, she even bothered people insisting so much to take a picture. Three years later, she asked for another camera for her birthday, this time, the device had very good characteristics. Her knowledge demanded a better technology, she could not take less.

How did you realize that photography was your passion?

Indeed, it was right after I was given my first camera. Once, I was taking photos at my room, to do so I used a plastic flower to make a close-up. Then, I located the flower in front of the window and the result really impressed me. The final result was a sharp photo with high levels of depth. That is the moment I knew photography was my thing. I was also passionate, at the beginning, about taking photos to animals, which are one of my greatest passions as well.

You have been learning for many years. How do you do it?

I have learned on my own, looking for information on the Internet or books. I also watch tutorials. Finally, I put all into practice.

When did it become a job for you?

So far, it has always been a hobby to me. I did not believe photography could be a job to support my life, economically speaking. However, some restaurants and bars such as: Cuba Bar, Sprint Bar, or Infinity Pub have given me the opportunity to work with them.

What about now?

Now, I am taking it seriously. I just have finished working for an enterprise and I have decided to become a business person. I am really happy to have made this decision. There is no relation between a hobby and the job that provides an economic stability.

What are your plans?

Creating my own enterprise. A business that will have photography as the main objective. It will be specialized in event reports, people and animal´s books, and I will provide an extra service of webs and graphic design.


Yes. In my country, it is a custom to make photos album related to animals. This is even more difficult than taking photos to a person. One must be really patient and create empathy with the animal.

Have you thought about making an exposition?

Yes, of course. But it is not the perfect timing. That will come.

What has been your most gratifying experience in this business?

I have just finished a session for the 2017 season book of Dj Lucía Ponce. It has been quite a remarkable and especial experience. We spent more than 10 hours preparing the settings, in make-up matters, and taking the photos. I feel some beautiful things are happening to me, because one work leads me to another, and all my clients are satisfied. This endorses and supports my job and career.

You worked with this magazine and nowadays you still collaborate with it. What things have you learned from working with it?

Sincerely, it has been a great experience. It has allowed me to see the world of design and photography from a new perspective. I have learned a lot and I have met really interesting people such as: Chef Susi Díaz, and I have visited many towns to capture the best images possible. However, I have never gotten apart from the work with the magazine, in fact, these days, GuiaT has given me another chance by interviewing me.

Could you advise those who want to endeavor like you?

I would tell them not to wait if they are fully convinced of their idea. I spent 4 years working in a store, and though I thank having that job at that time, I felt I was wasting time to take care of my true and only passion. Today, I am really happy for making this huge step.

Audrey, we just want to congratulate and wish you the best luck.

If you want to know more about her job, visit her web: www.audrey-lohkamp.com

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