Karting is a motor sport that is practiced in approved kart circuit and in which the effort is continuous if you want to reach a place in the competition.
We interviewed James Drury, a Karting pilot who began in 2012, with 9 years in the juvenile category (ages 7-10), he had no experience but earned a spot in the Winter Cup Levante Murcia, running on tracks such as La Manga, Villena, Jumilla, Albaida, etc. after hard workouts 3-4 times a week, he became the championship runner-up.
The next year, in 2013, he steped up to Cadet category (children 10-13 years), participating in the Valles Mediterranean Cup ,Championship in Murcia …. where there were many victories and podiums.
In 2014, he opens nationwide in the Rotax championship of Spain, with all the best drivers of the Spanish level, to be exact 34 riders on the road!!! This year has served a lot for learning, with very good results and reaching the 10th position. He traveled throughout Spain circuits and Alcaniz Motorland Aragon, Toledo Recas, Zuera in Zaragoza, Cheste and Chiva in Valencia, Castellón, Murcia and Alicante. Motorland

is one of his favorite circuits.
In the 2015 James hit a growth spurt and with 13 years he changed category again, this time Junior (ages 13-16 years) , joining the championship of Valencia, always fighting in front with the best riders… always 3rd until an accident occured before the final round taking him the third place, finishing as 4th.
By 2016, he plans to make the Championship of Spain, waiting for help from sponsors as in this sport nothing is cheap !!!
Karting is often a trampoline to reach a motor sports career. Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and many of the current Formula 1 drivers started in karts.
James, do you dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver when you are old?
-Yes, most would love to be a pilot of Rally, GranTurismo … or of course Formula 1, although “This scene is very complicated”
Is it obligatory to have a licence to be able to compete?
-To run Karting you have to have a Karting license through the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation, which lasts one year and then has to be renewed.
Is this sport very expensive?
-It’s not cheap, for the equipment you need helmet, balaclava, neck or collar protector, overall, rib protector vest, gloves and rubber boots we must consider most important, the Kart, motors, tires, many parts … and of course travel if it reaches a good clear Karting team, which also rises from 500€ to 1,500€ per weekend.
And what can you tell me about the physical preparation?
-You have to be very fit, the Karting also requires a lot of concentration as training and nationwide races usually last 3-4 days, I train with my bike, I do abs and lift very light weights.
James i feel that you’re going to have a great future in your racing career and of course we wish that all your dreams come true.

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