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One of the most expected presentations of this coming Low Festival is the one of the Madrid band Izal. These boys represent the wave of Spanish Indie rock. Their success is the result of their hardwork and not the result of marketing campaigns and the media. Since the moment they created their band in 2010, their career has been supported by themselves. The band is formed by Mikel Izal (singer and main song writer). Alberto Pérez (guitar player), Enmanuel Pérez ´´Gato´´ (bass player), Iván Mella (keyboard), and Alejandro Jordá (drumms). They have become more and more successful thanks to the words of those who listen their music (mouth to mouth recommendations), and to their particular proposal. A proposal that gains more and more fans among those looking for a sound to feel identified with.

Their recent albums: Magia y Efectos especiales (Magic and Special effects), 2012, Agujeros de gusano (Wormholes) 2013, Copacabana (2015), and Autoterapia (Self-therapy) 2018 have made their way through an unstoppable career crowned with prizes such as the one given by the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone magazine in 2013: Best New Band. They are usually compared with Vetusta Morla, Supersubmarina, Standstill, and Two Door Cinema Club. However, their unique way to mix incredible lyrics with dancing melodies responds to their personal way of understanding music. As a result, they are one of those bands which sell all their Spanish indoor concert tickets even some weeks before. They are also more present in the great musical events. This is why we are going to see them in this coming: 10th edition of the Benidorm Low Festival.


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