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Exchanging homes for vacations

Do you remember the movie: The Holiday, 2006 with Cameron Díaz, Kate Winslet, Jude law, and Jack Black?

Amanda Woods (Cameron Díaz) is an American girl owner of a successful movie trailers advertisement company. She lives in the south of California and just broke up with her boyfriend. On the other hand, there is Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) who is the editor of a popular London Daily Telegraph wedding column. She lives in a cosy countryside house in England. Like Amanda, she has never had a great experience with men. Thanks to Internet they both arrange a deal to exchange their homes during Christmas time. (FILMAFFINITY)

25 years have passed since the Californian Enterprise HomeExchange was launched in the digital market. This company aims at having people exchanging their homes for vacations. This start-up has 65000 members and is present in 150 countries. This revolutionary idea was the ideal opportunity for those people who could not afford to book a hotel and wanted to enjoy their vacations in fully equipped houses.

Escena de “The Holiday”

The best destinations are the USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, France, UK, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

This is not a free service. The registration or the booking of another house has a yearly fee of 130 euros. If you do not pay this fee you will not enjoy the service. This is totally understandable because we do not know the exact number of people working for a company that runs 65000 houses. You also have to register and fill the in their form in order to complete your profile. This is something we do everyday and, in most of the cases, all the information shows by just typing a letter.

Most of the people think this service should be free; however, not everyone´s expectations can be met. We are all consumers and Internet has proven that almost everything works when we use it.

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