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HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

This sort of training consists on high intensity training during short periods of time combined with long breaks.

This high intensity part is truly important. It is called like that because, literally, we have to give our best and maximum capacity when we exercise. This is the idea of this type of training. It is highly possible that you end up breathless after you finish exercising. Even though there are several exercises, you should establish your objectives before doing them.

There are lots of possibilities: the treadmill, the cycle-ergometer, the elliptical bike, the high intensity interval training (HIIT) bike, and the stationary bicycle.

Other activities like swimming and running can be a great option. The HIIT is one of the best strategies for losing subcutaneous and abdominal fat. It also helps improving the general aesthetics and some health parameters like insulin sensitivity, cardio respiratory affections, and heart diseases.

How to progress training like this:
1. Adding more intervals
2. More high intensity training
3. Reducing the break time

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