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Maneja tu ansiedad

Manage your anxiety

Anxiety is a state in which a person feels uncomfortable, irritable, tired, and anxious. It also causes eating and moving a lot all the time. Waking up without properly resting, experiencing difficulties to think and internal conflict are among the other symptoms.

Some people, by nature, are more likely to suffer from anxiety. Others get anxious under stressing situations. When there is an extreme situation that makes impossible to continue with daily life it is necessary to go to the doctor and start taking anxiolytics if necessary.

If this is your case, we are going to suggest you some pieces of advice to calm yourself and manage your anxiety:

• Identify your thoughts. Change the negative ones for positives by making a list of what you already have and what you want to change. Then, elaborate a plan of action to start with your transformation and remember that you have the power and the possibility of choosing.

• Connect with positive and calm people. Avoid those who are constantly complaining.

• Laugh. Get movies that you like and enjoy, with happy people, that fills your body with endorphins and calms anxiety.

• Take your time to complete the tasks of your day. Choose to do one activity at a time and calmly. Rest for 5 minutes every half hour, stand up, stretch, breathe, drink water and take it back.

• Control your movements. Calm your hands and body, breathe, slow down and everything will flow.

• Recréate. Take care of your plants, paint, sing, pet your pet, play chess, make a cake, conclude a crossword puzzle, make a puzzle, fix the closet, walk, among others.

• Learn to say no. Do not recharge your life if you already have many pending, remember: conclude what you are doing before starting new activities.

• Beware. Address your diet and your spirit.

• Just relax. Walk, practice yoga, martial arts or learn to meditate.

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