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Edible flowers

These flowers not only serve to decorate the dish, they are also eatable and are appreciated by many chefs. This happens because of their possible combinations with different food, thanks to their scents and flavors.
It is not usual to buy edible flowers at the market, so what we truly advise is that you plant them at home. That will allow you to have them always at reach and to decorate your garden.
There are hundreds of these plants. Today we mention some of them.
Violets, for example, have a nice and soft flavor, as a result, they can be prepared in some ways: dry or even crystalized. Capuchin, Marigold, Sechuan blossoms or the Electric flower are some of the others. This last one is really curious, if you eat it fresh, it has an explosive effect in your mouth combined with a slight sense of anesthesia.
The chive flower has a similar taste to that of the onion but softer and more subtle. It is perfect for salads and to embellish meat dishes. The flower of the courgette, is not commonly eaten in Spain, but in Italy they are. Italians call it zucchini. This flower has a sweet and refined flavor. My mother, who has Italian origins, uses it to prepare fritters and they are delicious. Begonias and carnations can also be mentioned. The orange and lemon blossoms have sweet flavors that can be used to prepare desserts, and meat and salted dishes.
Eastern people use the jasmine flower to prepare astonishing and incredible meat preparations. We can also use consume it in teas. The Arabian cuisine uses it as well in its desserts because of its scents.


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