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Interview: Lucia Ponce

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DJing being a woman is increasingly common, even so far it has been a male sector. Lucia Ponce, a fighter and enterprising woman is a Dj from when she was small taking pieces of different songs, and recording them on a tape to dance to the music which is another of her passion.
Today she speaks a bit about her experience.

¿How did everything start?
Because from very tiny I knew that music was the engine of my life. I wish I had studied more in a conservatory in which I was for Flute and music theory to perfect more in everything related to music but it was only for one year because I had to leave as it was not easy to afford and I am the second of seven brothers. Even so I have always loved the world of dance and different styles by classic Spanish ballet, choreographed Funky and making choreograpy for schools and institute.. So with my own salary and working since i was 16 years old i could train in Valencia as an Hip Hop instructor, Latin and Jazz picking my own dance studio in Almansa and so I made my own mixes on a tape to a choreograph therefor my first name Dj Britney because I loved the choreography and I’m super fan of the singer. Since then I noticed all cabins and always tried to sneak me in them to let me put a topic and then I became interested to go into this world that has hooked me nothing more and nothing less than since 2000.

Was it difficult for you as a woman, get into this world?
How would you describe yourself as a Dj?
On one side it has not been difficult to enter because i`m a women is more difficult because there is plenty of DJs and very good ones. But maybe I’ve been lucky because i lived in Benidorm and played in a pub with a friend for one year, I learned and i have been fortunate to have as godmother Mia Wallas that without hesitation and unconditionally gave me the push I needed to prosper day to day. I must also say that today I have been fortunate that all partners in the cabins I’ve had have been unique and I have greatly facilitated to build me up about this. It is not difficult to be a Dj beeing a woman but I want to say that often people confuse one thing with another like a go-go dancer or a stripper and for me they are big professionals. But undoubtedly beeing a dj is for either sex since the important thing is to entertain with music, and nothing more. The music is to be enjoyed not to fight it.

We know you have other hobbies ¿Can you tell them?
I would have many more … but i have no free time. Since i was small I always wanted to play football and when i came to live in Benidorm I heard that they were looking for players and there I threw myself into this with my 30 years for the first time and to be honest it is almost three years now and I am very happy doing this despite my age and the patience of my coach and companions from the women’s football team Alfaz del Pi. So I dedicate myself to football 11 and now I have a new hobby that is the radio, I’m a commentator on Radio Pego every Friday and i also talk in Active Fm commenting on what we do in Sprintbar.

In how many cities have you performed?
For sure i leave some out but I’ve played in Sevilla, Mallorca, Benidorm, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Elche, Galicia, Murcia and soon some more.

And, in what clubs do you perform normally?
I have played in many pubs, clubs, bars and many places but currently my residence was Sprintbar (the best known club in Albir), Temperature (Murcia), Planet (Valencia) and DKCH club (Benidorm) … but every month is a surprise and I’ve played in places like Penelope (Benidorm), Marmarela and Kraken (Alicante) sharing cabin with Sofia Christ in OLAGIRLS (Calpe) sharing cabin with the famous and recognized dj Ruby Rose, Nightclub Troy (Elche) and many parties nationally known as the Rice Party (Murcia), the party Chuecas Mia Wallas, Winner Festiva (BCN), soon Rainbow party (Zaragoza) and many more places that sure I forgot to remember. I must also emphasize that I am a resident in Benidorm Pride for 4 years and the pride of Alicante 2 years…performing in Murcia and because of health reasons I missed the one in Valencia.

Do you earn a living by working as a DJ?
Not that I earn a living from it, is that it could not live without it. Because richness is not to win a lot of money, it is to win the public and be doing this for so long. Because I am not happy with the money this has given me but i am with the steps i´m making.

Which are your future projects?
Start writing my own remix and songs, which will not take long because I have to say that in a few months i will present my first issue with the help of the big dj Javi Max. Also renew my team and I also have to say it was one of the things that cost me since my first session on stage I did in the first PRIDE of Benidorm in front of hundreds of people on a fixed desktop computer but thanks to the help of my friend she gave me my first driver which only has one year and a half. But bit by bit I’m improving all forward and i continue to grow because I would love someday to make a big festival with all the people who have trusted me and made Lucia Ponce rise in cabins.

And finally, what music do you prefer to perform?
I like playing all the music as each party asks for a different style but I love to have that feeling where I connect to my audience having fun being like them.
Finally i want to thank all the people who have made this my dream. I can not appoint you all and I’m sure I’ve left things without naming but everyone know how much I am grateful for your great faith in me.
And with the music we say goodbye to Lucia and wish you good luck and success in his career.

Maria José Tent

Photos: Audrey Lohkamp

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