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Encourage and stimulate with creative games

Children´s animation is one of the most creative and innovative activities these last days. Those who devote their time to doing this know how important to be updated is in terms of the newest market trends. This is because the little people of the house are the ones who receive continuous and instant information through digital and other means of communication.

Entertaining and making them have fun is not an easy task but there are some ways. Achieving this goal will always depend on the animator.

The most difficult task is, undoubtedly, to please groups of children of different ages. This is the kind of situation all enterprises must be prepared for.

Being original and different are among the aspects that define the Animation Company Sirenas Spain School & Events. This company was created and still directed by Victoria Gorena. She has been part of this world since 2015. Since then, she has developed several projects like: Terra Natura Sirenas School, Terra Natura Fairies and Goblins School, and Tennis IQL Magical Dreams School.

Having fun is guaranteed if you hire a company to animate your family celebrations and communions.

SIRENAS SPAIN Schoola & events

Live the experience of being a mermaid, triton, fairy, goblin or superhero!
Events show sirens, animation, matches, parties
Tel: 648134498 – sirenasspain@gmail
Facebook: Sirenas Spain School & Events

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