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En Together cuidamos y mimamos a las mascotas


Diego Fernando Arboleda, a young Colombian entrepreneur, created and opened his own business thinking of his pet.
How would you define your business Diego?
For me, the concept is based on inclusion. A pet has to be a part, a member of the family, has to go with you everywhere you go. This concept is applied to those who love their pets, and this is the kind of people we want to bond with, those known as PET LOVERS.
What does Together offer the clients?
We are, in the first place, a dog hairdressing salon, and we also offer a cafeteria service.
Do you work with prior appointments?
We normally do it. However, if someone passes by, we can assist them with pleasure.

Now you know my dear readers, if you want to have breakfast with your pet, you can have it at Together, and make your pet look beautiful at the same time.

We are located in the Old Pathway to Altea
Mobile and Whatsapp: 628 022 108
Telephone: 966 580 194
Facebook: Together Café&Pets Spa

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