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The Raconet of the Dansa


Her name is Eva Rodríguez Olmos, and she is the owner of a dancing clothes and complements store: El Raconet de la Dansa, located in Alfás del Pi, Ejércitos españoles street, 66, in front of the House of Culture.

Eva, tell us about what led you to open your store.

My daughter is the reason why I opened this store. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old, and I always had to buy dancing clothes. To do so, I had to go to other places out of Alfás. I imagined other mothers had to do the same, so I decided to open this business.

What are the products you offer?

All the necessary things to practice any dancing discipline: classic ballet, hip hop, jazz, claque, Spanish dance, hall dancing, etc.

What is your intended public?

Anyone who dances, and there are prices for everyone, from basic leotards to stage ballet skirts.

I guess each discipline has its own equipment. What is the importance of this? Is there any advising process for the client?

The specific equipment is really important. In hip hop, for instance, the clothes are more comfortable, and the dancers wear kneepads to avoid injuries. Ballet requires some protection and warmers for the feet to prevent injuries as well, and there are a lot of them.

I am assuming some people may have asked you for things you do not have in your stock.  Is there any chance you find these products for the costumer?

Of course this has happened, it would be impossible to have it all. I work with the following brands: BLOCH, CAPEZIO, GRISHKO, SANSHA, INTERMEZZO, WEARMOI, SODANSA, REPETTO, BALLET ROSAP. Some of these brands send me their catalogues and I show them to the clients so they can chose the one they want. If it is the case that the clients want something special for a spectacle or festival, and they do not find it in the catalogue neither, I have a wonderful and creative dressmaker that will make their dreams come true.

Finally, what are your expectations for the future?

Business expectations (mmmmm), I think, to keep working and letting my business to be known among dancers and dancing schools.


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