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Have you ever thought how many dreams you’ve left unfulfilled in your life because of fear?
Perhaps you are a 100% unaware, the fear does not always present from the front, often comes as excuses.
But if you analyze each objective or every dream you’ve failed or have rejected in the past, you will notice that in the background there was always a fear that paralyze you or makes you walk in to another direction.
All this happens because no one showed us to understand the fear, and as our mind flees the pain, all we do is try to escape.
However, fear, like all emotions, brings us a message so we can get into action (emotion comes from the Latin emovere meaning movement). And in the case of fear the message is that we must guard against a danger that lies before us.
Sometimes the danger is real, for example, if you find yourself infront of a poisonous snake. But other times it’s just an imaginary threat it perceives our mind because we are unable to deal with it, for example, fear of public speaking.
Watch your fears, and give yourself permission to have them and listen to your thoughts, because that is the key to take action, and prepare to improve what they consider you are not prepared for.
You will find out that the fear is your friend, and is there to help you.

Esperanza Sanchez,Coach

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