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The best Gift

These days, time passes by really fast, and we will soon be talking about Christmas presents. Children start writing their letters to the Wise Men (The 3 Kings) asking for their wishes. Of course, our children direct the letters to these magical kings from the Far East who visit us once a year, not to us: the parents. What could they ask for if the Wise Men only carry gold, incense, and myrrh with them? What could they ask for if they only have a screen in front of them continously broadcasting ads?

The psychologists who have devoted their time to studying children and their growth say that the best gift for children is our presence and company.

See me the way I am and not like you wish me to be. Stay with me for a while. Save those moments and memories with me in your mind and heart, and pay attention to me. Stop doing, programming, and thinking about what happened and what will happen, be there just for me for an instant. Look me in the eyes when I talk to you, listen to me and to my stories, make important to you what is important to me, be my partner while I discover the world, help me find the words to explain what is going on with me. That is the way I feel you love me.

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