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DRONES- The sky is the limit

lately there is a new type of technology that soar our skies; these are called drones. Small aircrafts equipped with camera and sound, operated by radio control, unmanned (UAV in English) that stand out in the diversity of tasks they realize, and whose fame is in an uplift, thanks to the infinite possibilities; photography, surveillance, retransmission of events on television, package delivery, control of urban areas etc. In addition, the fact that they have no human crew on board makes them ideal to do whatever task, no matter how dangerous; surveillance and firefighting, maintenance of wind parks, support to ambulances and medical staff and including military use (as much in recognition as in attack).
However, not all the uses that one may give a drone, has to do with dangerous or industrial operations, as for some years there exists infinite models of different sizes, shapes and characteristics on the market designed for recreational use such as photography, video, augmented reality games, and most important, designed for all budgets.
Most drones have electric motors, fed by a rechargeable battery and have a high definition camera incorporated and led light. Furthermore they are very easy to use thanks to their stability and they can take off and land vertically.

Amazon, one of the world-leading e-commerce companies, has obtained the necessary permits to begin the delivery of the customer’s order with drones.
Facebook has launched a plane with the proposal of bringing the Internet to the regions on Earth where the necessary infrastructure isn’t installed.
In The Netherlands there is an “ambulance drone” that carries the defibrillator to the place where the emergency call has been made.

Huelva will shortly have a pioneering installation in Spain: The Center for Testing and Experimentation with large Drones or CEUS in its acronym in Spanish.

There is no doubt that the drones will mean a revolution in the lives of
people as it happened some years ago with the Smartphone and tablets.

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