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Home automation

Enjoying a smart home is now a reality. The development of devices that help you automate your home, open a
path in the industry.


With this sensor you will no longer have to be aware of when raising and lowering the blinds. This sensor detects the intensity of the sun, rain and wind opening or closing when necessary offering a maximum comfort.
In case its sunny: when the intensity of sunlight is higher or lower than the set, the sun sensor detects it and triggers the opening or closing of the blinds as needed.
In case of rain: the operator detects humidity and activates the closing of the blinds.
During the wind: when the wind swings the blind to much and to potentially dangerous movements, the wind sensor detects it and triggers the closing of the blinds for protection.
The sun / wind sensor system works always giving priority to the wind sensor as being a security system, this will not leave the blinds open when the sun is shining even if the user wants to open it, until it detects no wind or little. Otherwise with the sun sensor, it allows opening and closing by the user even when the sensor is working.

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