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Retainer Care

With the proper care, your retainer will have a long lasting life and will help you show your best and healthiest smile.

Before you eat something, make sure you have it off. This way you will prevent the accumulation of food remains on it and the appearance of dental plaque. Always keep with you its package. Never wrap it in a napkin or a sheet of paper. By doing this you may accidentally throw it in the garbage.

Wash it and brush it frequently.This way you eliminate the plaque accumulated on its surface. To do so, you may use a regular toothbrush or dip it in a glass with water and sodium bicarbonate.If you do not have to wear regularly (every other night, for example), storage it in a package where the air gets in and out easily. This action prevents the formation of fungis and bacteria.

When keeping it clean, avoid the use of abrasive chemicals. Use tooth paste and water, instead. When deeping it in water, you may add sodium bicarbonate, soft vinegar or some pills used to clean dentures. Never use a cleaner, nor alcohol-based mothwash. These products may damage the plastic and your mouth. Besides, never boil it, this may deform the metal and melt the plastic.

Finally, never brush your teeth while wearing your retainer. If you do this, you will not have access to your whole mouth cavity and the toothbrush may accidentally move it. What you should do is to brush your teeth, then use dental floss, and finally wash your retainer separately.

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