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Crypto locker

Ask anyone what they think about the Trojan Horse in ancient Greece and many will say that it was witty. To invade the fortifed city of Troy, the Greeks brought an enormous wooden horse that was received by the Trojans as a symbol of their victory in this war. What they didn’t know was that, inside the horse, Greek warriors were waiting for nightfall; to come out, kill the sentinels and open the city gates, thus letting the Greek army in. Suppose that our computer is Troy and that the wooden horse is an “innocent” file (like an email or a program) that contains malicious software. That’s a trojan.
Nowadays trojans are one of the most common attacks. Applied to the computer world they are defined as malicious software that enters our computer without raising suspicion, dammaging the system, sometimes irreversibly. As we mencioned before, they gain access to our computer using various methods; by email or whilst downloading a program, etc… The Cryptolocker is one of the most famous trojans today which reached its’ peak in 2013. This trojan encrypts all our files so we hace no access to them. The attackers then ask us to deposit a certain amount of money within a timelimit to decrypt the information. In case we do not deposit the money, our files will be deleted.
There exist many devices today which are able to connect us to the Internet. Mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs and even smartwatches; all destined to make our lives easier, but all of this also has a harmfull side and it has to do with security. In Redgreen we work with and for the security of our clients.
Bring us your devices and enjoy them without worries.

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