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Crina Gavrila, fashion love

Crina Gavrila Crina Gavrila is a passionate fashion woman. She started in the textile world working in an haute couture boutique. There, she developed all her creativity by advising women who wanted to be dressed for a special occasion. She collaborated in several fashion parades and show rooms to present the new collections. Her will to learn grew more and more each day and that is what encouraged her to finish her studies as Image and Styling Consultant.

Her strongest desire was to help women to feel comfortable with their bodies and to make their take advantage of the different garment there are to highlight their presence and look.

Crina, how would you label your work and what part do you enjoy more?
Fashion adviser, personal shopper, and an integral services coordinator of fashion parades and showrooms. After 20 years of experience in the world of fashion what satisfies me the most is being able to advise any kind of people no matter the age, nationality, physical condition, or incomes. Each woman should feel comfortable with what she wears. That is her letter of presentation.

How do you advise people?
Besides your image advising services you run a boutique.
Yes, I do. Nowadays, I am in charge of Lluna Boutique. This is a space in the heart of Altea opened on December 2015. Along with my work as a fashion adviser and personal shopper, I carry out other works like photo sessions stylist, 2.0 communication tasks, and social media strategies.

You told me about the development of a web to sell on-line.
Of course. I am truly aware of the technological trends and strategies to improve my business. I cannot put aside the digital world. That is why having a web full of renewable contents is so interesting. With this web I can also provide my clients with a better service and make their on-line shopping easier.

What makes Lluna Boutique different?
The personalization and adaptation of any outfit to any woman.

You were awarded for your work. Tell us about this.
This last December, the MEMBA Association awarded me with the Creativity and Innovation Award. It was really exciting and gratifying. It was an acknowledgement to the hard work during all these years.

You are a restless woman and your trajectory proves it. What new projects do you have in your Moon mind (laughs)?
(Laughs) Besides the web to sell-on-line, which is a huge project, I will organize some parades all along this year. The closest one will take place during Easter at Playa Albir Hotel.

I guess you publish all your activities and events in the social networks.
Of course, all those who want to follow me; my Facebook is Lluna, and my Instagram: Boutique Lluna.

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