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Comfort in the office

We spent part of our lives in the office, and therefore it is necessary that all elements have harmony and make us feel as comfortable as possible.
It is convenient to have natural light but if this is not the case, artificial lighting should be arranged so it doesn´t affect the vision. We disturb this being enough at the computer the whole day.
The space must be well laid out so that people who work in it don´t run into anything the whole day. Identify areas of work and adapt the functionality as needed.
Furniture and storage space are very important, the clearer the office, increases productivity and convenience of sight.
One of the elements that you have to choose most carefully is the chair. We tend to adopt awkward postures that affect our back, if we add the number of hours we spent sitting, the consequences can be very serious. Choose a chair that you feel comfortable and at the same time satify the requirements of your job.
Another element that helps you avoid fatigue in the legs are the footrest, a tilting platforms that doesn´t take much space.
Don´t forget to do some occasionally stretching as this prevents contractures. !!!

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