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How to choose a good mattress?

To choose a good mattress does not only depend on money, weight, posture or temperature are the factors that will influence the choice. Sleeping on a good mattress greatly enhances the quality of life, but the choice will not be easy, among the simplest and the most sophisticated models can mediate 1,000 euros. Dock mattresses, foam polyurethane, latex or viscoelastic material
Must keep in mind:

¿How do you sleep?
Face up, supine position or on your back, then you should choose hard mattresses. On your Side, you can agree on a mattress less firm, allowing the shoulder to sink slightly to find a comfortable position.

¿how much do you weigh?
If you weigh enough, you need a firm mattresses that provide good support. In a soft mattress you hundirías excessively. Lighter people also need more flexible mattresses that suit your way to better distribute the weight.
¿Do you move a lot?
If you move a lot while you sleep you should have a harder mattress that allows you to turn effortlessly. In a soft mattress you would sink, and it would cost you to turn, resulting uncomfortable

¿ Do you spend a lot of heat?
If you spend heat, sweat easily or live in a warm place, spring mattresses can suit you more, as they are better ventilated and cooler.
If you’re chilly or you live in a cold place, foam, latex or viscoelastic material keep more heat. Although there are also gel models that lower temperature degrees

Other points.
If you want an articulate base, you need a flexible mattress (foam, latex and pocket springs). If you are allergic to dust or asthmatic, is recommended a foam mattress or latex with a washable cover (unless, of course, you’re allergic to latex).

Before you buy a matress.
• Take some time to test the mattress in the store before you buy:
• Do not just sit and feel it, lie down, try different positions … look the mattress that best suits your taste, your characteristics and your needs.
• Lie on your back and move your hand between your lower back and the mattress, if there is too much looseness the mattress may be too rigid for your characteristics. If the hand does not pass, the mattress is too soft, the body sinks too much.
• If you sleep in a double bed together two people with very different weights and customs, you can choose between two mattresses together, each adapted to the conditions of the user. However, a latex mattress or a pocket spring also keep independent movements.


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