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How to change the image of a room without any works?

Changing the decoration of our home is always rewarding, and if you get the change without any needs of work, even more.
The floor of the house is always a bit tricky to change in case we choose ceramics, however, wooden floors is a product widley used, easy to install and with many possibillities to suit your tastes.
The variety of colors (beech, Arctic oak, cherry …) is very wide and most interesting is that you can install without lifting the old.
Between all different styles we take five of the firm Quicl Step.

Trendy or so we understand “everything what is trendy” as vintage, black soil and baseboards, floors used an aspect of industrial touch.

Modern, finishes in clear or white thinking of a minimalist look.

Contemporary in neutral tones and natural.

Country, in this style palette includes bright colors, most commonly white, beige and pastel pink, but also supports the brown tones.

Classic, if you’re after is a rustic and timeless style, the classic oak is a good choice.

If you have a little skill and specific tools you can install it yourself, otherwise, there are professionals who will do it perfectly.

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