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Cooking to de-stress

For many people, cooking may be a truly stressful activity that they take as an obligation. More than once I have heard my mother saying: ´´Bufff, what am I going to cook today?´´I do understand her because when cooking is just a routine it has nothing to do with being a hobbie.

However, cooking may be relaxing, almost therapeutical, and satisfying for those who have a stressing job.

It is totally understandable if you do not want to complicate your cooking so much after a long day at work. However,cooking something simple may help you decompress a little. When you want to surprise your friends and cook for them you will take care of choosing a great menu and, if possible, the best pairing. That is when you have a lot of work!. You have to look for the recipes, buy all the ingredients, and cook. This is the moment you take control over everything: the knife, the cutting board, and all the staff.

All along the cooking process, the scents of the food remind you that dish you had already tried at your mother´s house. In this moment, your olfactory memory connets you with your emotions and provides you with an incredible sense of comfort.

The climax of this cooking time comes when your guests congratulate you for your work. Your endorphines multiply beacuse you feel happy and satisfied.

Cooking helps us decompress from the long labour days, forget about the problems, and relax our minds. It gives us the chance to think and reminds the scents which arise really nice emotions. No matter what the main objective is, cooking is not only to feed ourselves, it is something greater. It entertains and relaxes us.

So, if you like cooking there is always the chance to be part of some cooking courses and entertainment activities to be always updated.

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